How Does Air Pollution Affect the Health of Our Lungs and Liver?

We have seen about Tens Thousands of deaths per year due to air pollution. As per a global review of 2019, every cell exists in our body can be affected because of air pollution

By : Dr Anil Jangir

31 Oct 2020 1:52 PM GMT

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Every day the amount of Black carbon particles is increasing into the air because of the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. These fossil air pollutants are microscopic. PM2.5, the small air pollutants can harm our body excessively. Compared to the average human hair, these ones are thirty times smaller.

Harmful effects of air pollution

We see a long-term effect of air pollution in both children and adults. Due to this, we can see that the lungs are not working properly. As well as we may face respiratory infections, aggravated asthma, breathing problems and coughing.

Besides, low birth weight, small gestational age births are a few results that can be seen due to the ambient air pollution. We can also see diabetes and neurological development in children because of air pollution.

Effects of Air Pollution on Liver Disease

The particular matters or CB are the reasons for direct hepatotoxicity. According to a study, dust storm PM or airborne PM2.5 that is used in laboratories can cause liver toxicity. As well as it can be the reason for oxidative damage in the liver. Besides, the DEP and CB can create oxidized DNA bases in the liver. It may increase the risk of liver cancer

Air Pollution and Liver Enzymes

Air pollution boosts the level of liver enzymes. γ-glutamyltransferase (GGT), aspartate transaminase (AST), and Alanine transaminase (ALT) are examples of liver enzymes. These increase the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) when the levels of these enzymes increase. Environmental pollution is the reason for increasing γ-glutamyltransferase enzymes.

Air pollutants in liver diseases

The primary air pollutants that cause harm to the liver are carbon black (CB), diesel exhaust particles (DEP). When the fossil fuels don't combust completely, it will create carbon black. On the other hand, diesel-powered trucks and automobiles create diesel exhaust particles. The air pollutants increase the amount of toxicity in the liver of the animals. In addition to this, we can see an increment of steatosis and liver inflammation because of air pollution.

Industrial pollution major trigger for liver

As per the study, we got to know that industrial pollution can damage the lives of people who live on industry sides. Industrial pollution causes many harmful diseases to people like liver cancer, lung cancer, etc.

Air pollution and liver cancer

Metals, Diesel engine exhaust, solvents, and dust are some examples of outdoor air pollutants. IARC reported that the outdoor air pollutants are the reasons for increasing the risk of bladder cancer. In addition, these pollutants also cause lung cancer. As well as, these harmful air pollutants can cause tumours, small cancer nodules in the liver of our body. Apart from this, pollutants like dust, diesel engine exhaust can damage the kidney, lungs and the portal lymph nodes.

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