Liver problem may lead to liver failure

Improper digestion, nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating and such like symptoms are of the bad liver functioning.

By : Dr Anil Jangir

31 Aug 2020 5:25 PM GMT

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Liver problem may lead to liver failure a cause of serious alert

Our daily life routine and job schedule has deprived us from many natural activities and very important good health. Our body always gives us an alarm of any concerned problem causing and starting on our body, but lack of knowledge and very obvious time do not allow us to look after our health and fit body. Manage healthy body and daily activity is now getting really tough, which has shown its adverse effect on the stomach and intestines, liver related problem, gas and acidity and much more list like these. We live like anyway, we eat anything and not a strict routine of proper diet and exercises are just behaving like a slow poison to our body.

Liver problem a common, but not ignorable-

Do you know the most hardworking organ of our body? It is our liver. The only liver in our body has to suffer all the bad elements and toxins from our body. Assume it like, it is the only organ which had to suffer all the problems penetrating into our body because of our daily habit of eating and unhealthy living. Our liver has to take lots of stress of toxins, acidic release, unhealthy food and much more. We are so much involved in our "So called Happy living", that we ignore our tiny organs of the body performing a great function or must say working to give us some more life. Let us check some initial and common liver problems, acting as a warning.

  • 1. Fatty Liver disease; it is because of triglyceride in the overweight body as well people consuming too much of alcohol.
  • 2. Jaundice; it indicates the production of bile and turns the human body into pale yellow, nausea, and if untreated may cause serious effects.
  • 3. Poor digestion; bloating and swelling of abdominal area responsible due to unhygienic and fatty food.
  • 4. Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • 5. Allergic conditions
  • 6. Reverse tolerance to alcohol

Consult your liver doctor, as early as you find any concern with liver and its improper functioning.

Stomach and liver functioning certifying your health status-

If you are having a healthy liver, your stomach will be happy and if your liver is poor functioning it will surely show its effect on your stomach. Improper digestion, nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating and such like symptoms are of the bad liver functioning. Stomach and intestines are related to liver system and if any problem causing pancreatitis, and many more such like serious diseases.

Get your Gastroenterologist before time runs out-

Consult gastro for any reason you are facing related with liver problem or minor stomach problem for GI tract and liver treatment. Performing endoscopy for the inside of esophagus, duodenum for small intestine is the first line of treatment under gastroenterologist.

Our body organ surely gives us some time to be alert and look for its particular treatment. Just find your doctor and get diagnosed with your problem to save yourself and the happiness of your family.

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